Cheerleader World Championships in Berlin takes shape after IFC meeting

The “International Federation of Cheerleading” (IFC) has paved the way for the future of the cheerleading sport and this year’s World Championships in particular at their annual meeting in Berlin. That was approved approximately at the polls, where the delegates set on continuity. Re-elected to the Bureau were unanimously Robert Huber (GER) as Senior Vice-President, Liudmila Zueva (RUS) as Vice-President and General Secretary, Director Dr. Thitipong Nandhabiwat (THA) and Treasurer Noralma Endaru (ECU).

Positive news there were the approximation to the World Dance Sport Federation. IFC President Setsuo Nakamura told the delegates about the cooperation and the status of membership in the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) and the associated advantages for the IFC. Senior Vice-President Huber added that the IFC Bureau participated at the meeting of the head of the WDSF in January and also will participate at the annual meeting of the WDSF in Granada in June. In return, a visit of the leadership of the WDSF at the Cheerleading World Championships in 2015 is planned.

Seminars, doping rules and new members

For Cheerleading, as in any other sport in which votes are awarded on points it is necessary to enable an objective and competent rating. For this reason, a seminar for judges is planned for the European Championships in Croatia. The successful candidates could then be used at the World Championships in Berlin. Other seminars are planned in a common language.

It was decided that for the world championships in November 2015, the modified anti-doping rules of WADA will be applied and implemented. The regulations were sent to all organizations.

New members and course for the World Championships in Berlin

During the congress, the three new members of Denmark, Ireland and Russia were taken unanimously in the circle of the ICF. The most important decisions were made at the end of the session for the upcoming Cheerleading World Championships in Berlin. Because great emphasis is placed on the young, the juniors will get a platform at the seniors. In what form and what competitions will be determined soon after a survey of members. New competitions at the World Cup 2015 are “Cheer Dance Doubles”, “Cheerleading Doubles”, “Cheer Leading Small Group All Female” and “Cheerleading Small Groupes Mixed”. In order to support the “Cheerleading Doubles” competition, all participants can send a team, consisting of two athletes and a male spotter, to the World Championships at the expense of the Association and of the host.

The rehearsal in front of the jury was set at Friday, 20 November.

Nearby accommodation and a guarantee for a Berlin team

For the accommodation of the teams, the organizing committee has found numerous hotels in the vicinity of the Max-Schmeling-Halle, where the Championships will take place. Short distances, good accommodation and a relatively close together are guaranteed with the chosen hotels.

However, the most important decision concerns the venue Berlin itself. If the German champions in the category “Cheerleading Mixed will not come from Berlin, the German capital receives a wild card for his country selection and may participate at the World Championships in addition to the national winning team. This ensures that a “local hero” can participate as spectators magnet at the event.