Ten competitions – it is a new high for IFC Cheerleading World Championships, in part due to the fact that Berlin will see the premiere of Junior World Championships within the event. The ten gold medals will be awarded in the following disciplines:

  • Cheerleading All Female
    12- to 16-member teams of female cheerleaders in cheerleading with gymnastic and dance elements combined
  • Cheerleading Mixed
    12- to 16-member teams with male and female Cheerleaders
  • Cheerleading Small Groups All Female
    Teams with five female Cheerleaders
  • Cheerleading Small Groups Mixed
    Teams with three male and two female Cheerleaders
  • Cheerleading Doubles
    Pairs of a male and a female Cheerleader
  • Cheerdance
    8- to 16-member teams (both genders) compete in Cheer Dance, of the elements of cheerleading only dancing and jumps are allowed
  • Cheerdance Double
    Cheerdance for couples

In three of these categories world championships are awarded for teams of junior cheerleaders (under 16 years):

  • Cheerleading Mixed
  • Cheerdance
  • Cheerdance Double

Cheerleading World Championships 2015 Berlin